IT Law

Whether you create and develop IT products or services or just use them, legal issues will arise. Do you know how to comply with personal data protection laws? Does your website meet the legal requirements for e-commerce? Do you want to register a domain name? What is the best way to exploit your technology licenses?

We represent clients from a wide variety of sectors and industries such as associations of Internet companies, financial services, software makers, entertainment and media, or retail, all with different problems and challenges.

Our IT department works closely with other practice groups such as labour, tax and litigation, drawing significant input on matters such as confidentiality agreements, tax benefits or dispute resolution, that can deeply affect businesses and consumers.

How we help


  1. Escrow
  2. Technology transfer
  3. E-commerce contracts
  4. Technology license and sub-license agreements

Data Protection

  1. Data audit and protection
  2. International data transfer
  3. Data protection litigation

Internet Law

  1. Protection of domain name rights
  2. Domain name dispute resolution
  3. E-commerce website audit (B2B and B2C)