International Desks

We have established strong and reliable relationships in places where we are not physically present but our clients need to be. Key markets such as Turkey, Brazil or Northern Africa can be tackled effectively from our offices thanks to our international desks.

African Desk

With its many ties and shared cultural past between both regions, Southern Europe is a great vantage point to invest both in Northern Africa and in Portuguese speaking countries such as Angola or Mozambique.

Our African Desk deals with the legal and cultural aspects that are essential for success in this region.

Turkish Desk

Bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey is an attractive prospect on its own as well as the natural gateway to the Middle and Far East. Our Turkish Desk helps you to make the most of your business in this part of the world.

Brazilian Desk

More of a reality than an emerging market, Brazil offers vast possibilities for the investor. Our Brazilian Desk provides advice and experience to navigate its layered regulatory framework.